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Jake started High School in August 2009.  He is a Freshman at Leesville High School, our neighborhood school.  This is the first time that he has attended his base school because he was always in special programs.  He has been a bit shy but overall has adjusted well to high school.  It has honestly been much easier that I had thought it would be for him since the school is so large.  The enrollment is over 2500 students this year! 

December 2009--Our major issue so far has been getting him to wear the new implant consistently.  He says he can hear with it but takes it off many days when he gets to school.  It is true, he can hear well with it in the booth but he just won't cooperate and learn to listen with it and understand speech with it.  He can get short phrases with the right implant.  His grades are not the best in the world due to his issues but partly because he just does not want to work sometimes.  We had an issue in Math class with the students being loud and making it impossible for him to hear the teacher.  They were out of control and he would not speak up because he was afraid of retaliation against him.  He is passing the class, barely but I am insisting that he retake it.  We are torn over what to do about placement for him and what is best for his learning needs.  There is a high school with a deaf program but he really does not want to leave the school he is at.  The school is also a considerable drive to get to.  Another option is that there is an occupational course of study but it seems to be for very low functioning kids in there and even though he has issues I don't think it is appropriate for him.  I have a lady from the county coming out to see him in class and review his records.  We shall see.  I just wish I knew what to do for him and what is best for him.

January 2010--We went to CCCDP for his 11 year evaluation on his left ear cochlear implant and his 18 month evaluation on the right cochlear implant.  He has the C1 internal with Platinum series BTE on the left 90K internal with the Harmony BTE on the right.  As usual he was awesome with the left implant.  He heard well in the booth with the right ear but the audiologist said that they had discovered apparently through trial and error.  Apparently with patients like Jake who have such huge differences in technology that they need to map the newer device differently.  They completely remapped the right ear and he immediately had improved scores on the PBK testing in that ear. He assures us he is going to wear it now.  We will see.....

 February 2010--He is still pretty insistent that he is not going to wear the right implant and now is saying that we "forced" him to get it. He is mean and hateful about it and will cry.  The implant is on when he leaves in the morning but in the bottom of his book bag when he comes home.  According to the teachers he rarely has it on.  It upsets me that a piece of medical equipment that expensive is at risk of getting broken.  We have tried ultimatums, bribes and punishments but the CI still comes home in the bottom of his book bag.  We are to the point that we are about to just forget it.  It is too stressful to us and to him that we keep asking him to wear it.  He cannot seem to grasp that if the left side implant stops working he will not be able to just start wearing the right side and hear fine with it.

April 2010--He will not wear the implant most days.  He is becoming more and more moody.  Each time his brother has an issue with his bipolar disorder, Jake seems to become more despondant and shuts down.  His newest issue is breaking his glasses when he is upset.  Just breaks them in half. (yikes)  We have bought two new pair so far this year.

May/June 2010--Jake got contacts.  He is excited about not wearing glasses!  I am excited that I do not have to buy new ones when he breaks a pair.  We went to the lake as soon as school was out.  I forgot something and had to go back home.  Jake decided he wanted a haircut.  His is was down to his shoulders and he got this buzz cut. 

brotherly love


the old cochlear implant, scar line is obvious




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